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Multivitamins Under Attack

Multivitamins Mainstream Media Manipulative Pharmaceutical Companies The latest health news that was recently reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine is claiming that the usage of multivitamins is pointless and that research is showing that they do not in fact … Continue reading

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Badger Has New Facility

Jeremy, Melissa, Lynn and I just got back from a wonderful weekend in New Hampshire visiting the new WS Badger and Company facility. It’s a new, beautiful and is a “green” building. We got to learn about many of the … Continue reading

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Why I made the switch to SLS Free Shampoo

As a parent, it’s heart wrenching to have to listen to the painful cries of your precious baby accidentally get a little shampoo in her eyes as you rinse her new, fine hair during her evening bath. You get a … Continue reading

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Benefits of Coenzyme Q10

It’s time to take advantage of Coenzyme Q10. This healthy compound has been utilized across the world and across the ages, proving that it is indeed effective in helping the human body to repair damaged cells and to be healthy. … Continue reading

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