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Omega 3 and Heart Health

A recent study from the NICM centre in Australia has unveiled a link between omega 3 supplements and heart health. This study involved looking at many different scientific trials into omega 3 that have taken place in the recent past, … Continue reading

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Heart Benefits Using Pine Bark Extract & CoQ10

Much of the latest research into improving cardiovascular health focuses on plant and herbal extracts, as well as carotenoids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. Scientific studies in Italy have shown that heart function and blood flow of heart failure patients can both … Continue reading

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Protein Helps Build Muscle in Seniors

New research reveals what common sense has told us; protein and amino acids can help build muscle mass in older people. With sufficient intake of proteins and amino acids, the condition known as Sarcopenia can be stopped altogether. Studies have … Continue reading

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